Gowtham Kuntumalla

I'm interested in working on large scale consumer products at the intersection of Engineering and Computer Science. I like coding and staying up to date with the latest trends in the world of software programming. In the long term, I am passionate about finding solutions for Sustainable Transportation.

1 min Bio : I am a second year Masters student at UIUC. My current academic advisor is Prof. Sanjiv Sinha In 2018, I received my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from IIT Bombay.

Most recently, I interned at Uber in San Francisco. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. Working on developing high-tech products and deploying them at scale was exciting!

I believe in the power of simplicity! It's the key to solving hard problems.

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University of Illinois


Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant

Master's degree


[Summer 2019]

Engineering Intern (New Mobility Team)


Washington University in St.Louis

[Summer 2017]

Research Intern (EECE Department)


IIT Bombay


Undergraduate Researcher

Bachelor's degree

Research Projects
Graduate Engineering Internship

Gowtham Kuntumalla, Ashish Dighe (Sr. Technical Operations Manager)
Work perfomed at Uber

I've worked on 4 different projects spanning Software, Data Analytics & Business Modeling. Main focus was on improvements in the e-bike and scooter infrastructure, popularly know as JUMP. Job agreement prohibits me from sharing any more information.
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Design and Manufacturing of novel hybrid metal-polymer heat exchangers (Ongoing)

Gowtham Kuntumalla, Manjunath Rajagopal, Yuquan Meng, HoChan Chang, Sreenath Sundar, Hanyang Zhao Dr. Chenhui Shao, Dr. Srinivasa Salapaka, Dr. Nenad Miljkovic, Dr. Placid Ferreira, Dr. Sanjiv Sinha
Work perfomed at UIUC

We made a new heat exchanger using polymers and metals. In the process, we created a new roll to roll (R2R) process for creating helical structures using thin (< 200 μm) materials. This HX is light, economic and is expected to perform well in low temperature (150 ° C) flue gas conditions. We won a $1.25 million research grant from Dept. of Energy, USA to perform this project. Also refer to this list of publications related to this project. There are other developmental aspects (Anti-fouling coatings and Physics based machine learning algorithms for controlled maintenance) which are not presented here.
[Image] [Presentation] [Article 1] [Article 2] [CAD] [Production System] [Press]
High Performance Computing (HPC) simulations of particle cluster aggregtion

Gowtham Kuntumalla, Dr. Rajan Chakrabarthy (Mentor)
Work perfomed at Washington University in St.Louis

The coolest aspect of this project was artificially generating fractals and studying their clustering properties as certain physical parameters vary.
[Image] [Seminar] [Summary]
Finding high potential rocket propellants using computer simulation (B.Tech Project)

Gowtham Kuntumalla, Dr. Neeraj Kumbhakarna (Mentor)
Work perfomed at IIT Bombay

I used NASA CEA and Gaussian 9 to simulate atomistic chemical reactions to find thermal properties. The theory behind these simulations is grounded in ab-initio quantum chemistry methods.
[Image] [Slides] [Report]
Implementation of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Gowtham Kuntumalla, Krishna Sandeep Bhogaraju, Dr. Amit Agrawal (Mentor)
Work perfomed at IIT Bombay

We wrote a C++ computer program for particle image velocimetry, which is a widely used non invasive flow measurement tool in research and industry. I think, the output images produced by our program are beautiful!
[Image] [Slides] [Github Code] [Result1] [Result2]
Mechanical Analysis of Pratham Nano-satellite

Gowtham Kuntumalla (small role), IITB students from multiple departments
Work perfomed at IIT Bombay

We produced a cube-sat the size of 1ft x 1ft x 1.5ft under the mentorship of ISRO which was launched into low earth orbit (LEO) on September 26, 2016. I played a small role in this mega student driven project. My job was to verify the structural integrity of our satellite using ANSYS. The launch day and the following week were a thrilling few days!
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At UIUC, I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

I worked as a TA in my undergrad too! (IIT Bombay):


  • I love playing Badminton and reading novels in my free time. Books by Ayn Rand, Satyajit Ray & Jeffrey Archer are my personal favorites.
  • In my third year at IITB, a hostel team led by me made this super nice Rube Goldberg machine (video) . Btw, it won the first prize in a collegiate competition.

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